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“Choosing to use real nappies seems a daunting decision as a new mum, but the Nappy Service made this an easy process, and we are so glad we used them with our two little ones. There is nothing more comforting than knowing your newborn is in pure cotton cloth nappies, and the system is extremely easy to use.  The service was always on time, flexible when we went on holidays, and they have lovely products besides the nappies. I would highly recommend using this service, and we are lucky as this is the only one in all of north east Scotland!” 
(Amy, Aberdeen)
“The service was outstanding – good communication and prompt, reliable service.  We would definitely recommend the Nappy Laundry Company and the products that they support.”
(Robb, Westhill)
“The Nappy Laundry Company is very efficient and useful.”

(Elrick, Aberdeen)
“Your level of customer service is very personal and exemplary.”

“I couldn’t recommend the service more highly. From day one the service provided by The Nappy Laundry Company has been excellent. From our initial home visit of introduction and the demonstration (my husband and I were real nappy virgins) to the prompt response to email enquires and orders we placed.”
(Angela, Netherley)
"Thanks Nicole for the great service.The nappies are so easy, delivered to your door, cheaper than disposables, not a day of nappy rash and the satisfaction of knowing I'm doing my bit to reduce landfill".
“Using real nappies had long been recognised as the most natural and environmentally friendly way to bring up baby. The drawback had always been the amount of work involved, which understandably, puts many hard-pressed parents off. Initiatives such as those of The Nappy Laundry Company have helped to take the work out of real nappies, and have saved tonnes of disposable nappies from going to landfill. That’s something which is good in the present, and even better for the future.”
(First Minister Alex Salmond)

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