New to cloth? Confused ? Too much too choose from?
The Nappy Laundry Company is here to help. We offer free, independent advice to help you find the right nappy to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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Cloth Nappy Trial

The Nappy Laundry Library allows you to try before you buy.

With so many different nappies on the market we know it can be confusing and all too easy to make an expensive mistake. Our nappy library offers you the opportunity to find out what nappy best suits your needs and lifestyle by allowing you to trial a selection of nappies at home.

How does it work?
Complete our nappy questionnaire remembering to include your contact details, and we will be in touch to organise your trial set. Make sure you contact us in plenty of time as demand for the service can be high and you may be placed on a waiting list.
How much does it cost?
We will ask for an initial deposit of £55.00 for 5/6nappies for 1 week, £5 of this will cover postage and packaging.

The deposit, minus £5 for postage, will be returned to you when the nappies are returned in good condition.

There will be an extra £10 charge for extra weeks and there will be a £10 charge per week for overdue nappies.

If you want to trial more than 5/6 nappies there will be an addition postage charge.
When should I arrange to take nappies from the library?
We would recommend booking the library as soon as possible to ensure you get to borrow the kit when it is most convenient to you. Some people like to borrow the kit while their baby is very new. However, do bear in mind the first couple of weeks can be very hectic. Most real nappy sizes start at around 7/8lbs so if your baby is smaller than this you might not get a true reflection of the ability of the nappy. However we are happy to recommend nappies that fit newborn babies.
How do I care for the nappies I borrow from the library?
We ask you to treat our nappies as if they were your own. Each trial pack comes with care instructions please follow them carefully.
What can I borrow?
Currently available in our library we have: Charlie Banana, Little Lamb in Bamboo, Cotton and Microfibre, TotsBots EasyFit, Little Lamb One-Size Bamboo, Baba+Boo, Peachy Green and more If you have any special request just ask and we will see what we can do.

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